White-Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a phrase used to describe all types of fraud, embezzlement, immigration, theft, and other criminal offenses that typically occur in the business world. The government aggressively prosecutes anyone suspected of committing a white collar crime. At the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz, we know what it takes to combat even the most complex criminal charges.

If you suspect you are under investigation for any kind of white collar crime, you need to seek legal help immediately. Delaying can only hurt your case. These are a few examples of the types of cases we can assist you with:

Bank fraud – attempting to defraud a bank by making false statements on a loan application, or using loan proceeds to pay for things that were not intended by the bank.

Bankruptcy fraud – failure to account for assets, or intentionally undervalue assets, in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Computer fraud – the use of a computer to commit identity theft or theft.

Credit card fraud – the unauthorized use of a credit card to obtain items of value.

Mortgage fraud – misrepresenting information on a mortgage loan application.

Embezzlement – theft of money from an employer.

Money laundering – there are many forms of money laundering. The most common form is using money obtained from illegal activity to purchase legitimate items (i.e., proceeds from drug sales used to purchase a luxury car), or, attempting to disguise sources of illegitimate income as legitimate.

Although nonviolent in nature, white collar criminals face long potential prison sentences. Because of the propensity for individuals to profit from and repeat this type of offense, the government penalizes offenders harshly. Individuals convicted of such crimes could face costly fines and a lengthy prison sentence.

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